What does Caring Consumers do?

Caring Consumers curates products and guides for people who want to fill their lives with joy, not junk. We seek out fair trade, vegan, handmade, recycled and other caring items to save you time and stress.

What do the values terms mean?

To make it easier to scan for items that align with your values in particular product categories we use abbreviations in the product titles and at times elsewhere on the site.

"Fair trade" - Certified Fair Trade. Sets and enforces standards to ensure that the people making Fair Trade Certified goods work in safe conditions, protect the environment, build sustainable livelihoods, and earn additional money to empower and uplift their communities. Learn more about what fair trade certification includes here.

"FSC" - Forest Stewardship Council Certified. FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Learn more about what FSC certification includes here

"Organic" -  These products have been represented as containing at least 70% certified organic ingredients. Where the information is available, the description may include the % of organic ingredients. Learn more about the labeling of organic products here.

"Vegan" - Certified Vegan. These products do not contain animal products or byproducts and that have not been tested on animals. Learn more about what it means to be certified vegan here.

"Recycled" - While some products may have certified recycled content, in many cases the maker has simply explicitly stated a % of recycled material​. Learn more about certified recycled content here

Items that Fall Outside Values Guidelines: We include some items (mostly books and games) that support educating about environmental issues to an extent that outweighs the fact that their materials and manufacturing process do not fit our values framework.  

The statement  "This product has an educational component that we judge warrants it's inclusion on this platform, though it does not technically fall within our usual guidelines for: organic, recycled, FSC, Fair Trade, and/or Vegan." appears on these products. Where we know the sustainability policy of the company, we state it.

"Made in [Country]" - A producer has explicitly stated that a product is made in a particular geographic location.

We are not a certification agency, and although in many cases we are in touch with producers to better understand their processes and standards, we are only sharing their information regarding those standards. If you have a question about production we suggest you contact the producer directly. 

How do you make money? 

Currently we are part of the Amazon Affiliates program which means if you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. We are actively researching other aligned partnerships and potential revenue streams and welcome your ideas! E-mail us at hello@caringconsumers.com

How does Caring Consumers give back?

We are committed to facilitating earth-friendly purchasing and  give 1% of annual profits to organizations that work on raising awareness of the relationship between everyday decisions and environmental issues.

Why does Caring Consumers use Amazon exclusively?

We pondered this question carefully and looked at the other affiliate connections available to us. We found that the companies there also sold through Amazon, so it is the best way for us to streamline the act of purchasing according to value. Many of the issues raised about Amazon relate to their labor practices and excess packaging.  In our view, we can affect change in those areas by the choices we make as caring consumers, by buying early and combining shipments. This efficient portal makes those options viable alternatives to “Free one-day shipping” for individual items

Who is behind Caring Consumers?

Caring Consumers is part of the Gatherwell family, projects where financial success creates social change. Since 2013, Gatherwell has been building an ecosystem of regenerative economy businesses. Learn more at gatherwell.com and livingeconomy.io.