Iridescent 2.5" Kugel Ball Ornament
Iridescent 2.5" Kugel Ball Ornament
Iridescent 2.5" Kugel Ball Ornament

Iridescent 2.5" Kugel Ball Ornament

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So beautiful as a gift or as a family treasure

Brand: Iron Elegance

Color: Various


  • Iron Elegance provides to you the World's Largest Selection Witch Balls, Friendship Balls, (Kugels) and other handcrafted art glass designs.
  • Iron Elegance's Hand Blown Glass- Each One Handcrafted, Unique and produced with Earth friendly recycled glass and production processes. Finest German glass overlay colors.
  • Dimensions - 2.5 Inches Diameter. Please note that each item is handmade, by individual artisans; each of them leaving their own individuality within the creation. Differences in color saturation, construction and bubbles are attributes of genuine handmade art glass.
  • New in Box - Over packed for reliable delivery.
  • Friendship Balls (Kugels) are a traditional offering of love and friendship. Can be used indoors or outdoors. One can never have too many! Collect them all!

Publisher: Iron Art Glass Designs

Details: Blue, Green, Red and White twisted color and then iridized for a slight reflective effect. Size is 2.5 Inch Diameter. About Art Glass Decorations: Iron Elegance offers authentic, hand crafted art glass decorations from recycled glass. When making art glass, it is impossible to recreate any piece identically. Our art glass may reveal slight imperfections, possibly air bubbles, tool marks, glass and or color pattern irregularities. These are attributes of skilled handcrafted art glass, rather than a mass produced, machined item and do not imply a defect. Images/Product Descriptions- Iron Elegance does its best to provide accurate product details on Amazon. Displayed digital images have the most accurate representation possible. There may be slight differences in color from the image on screen and color of the product you receive due to the user's screen settings, photo lighting, surfaces photographed on, time of day the photo was taken, and filters applied. Amazon requires items to be imaged on a bright white background. Glass color can look different from natural light to artificial light. When a sphere is presented as a flat image, the camera sees color from both sides of the sphere.

Consumer Safety- Our glass ornaments do not represent a safety risk. However, glassware is fragile. If using it beyond the item's ornamental intent, breakages can occur and broken glass is an injury hazard. Caution should be taken opening of the product package, handling, hanging, and accessibility to children limited. Ornaments are not intended to be worn, nor rubbed on skin.

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EAN: 638142737739

Package Dimensions: 4.0 x 4.0 x 4.0 inches